AFA and other Union Resources

Flight Attendant Drug & Alcohol Program
(202) 355-6337

 Disaster Relief Fund

Layover Safety

Union Plus Services / Discounts

Our Union Information: AFA-CWA Council 4 or CWA Local 23004

Your Union Membership Number: If your employee number is 5 digits: 7610XXXXX. If your employee number is 6 digits: 761XXXXXX

Free College for Union Members and their Family

AFA Scholarships

CWA Scholarships

Union Plus Scholarships

Blue Lightning Initiative (Prevent Human Trafficking)

To report suspected human trafficking to Federal law enforcement: +1(866) 347-2423

To get help from the national Human Trafficking Hotline: text HELP to BeFree(233733)

FMLA for Flight Attendants

*Our Collective Bargaining Agreement does not require you to work the federal minimum of 504 hours to qualify for FMLA

*Our Collective Bargaining Agreement provides 180 days of FMLA leave instead of the federal minimum 72 days.

Norwegian Resources

Update personal information with Norwegian: (link works only after logged in to RedNose)

Human Resources Inquires:
[email protected]
Report Code of Ethics violations: [email protected]

 Work-related documents (passport, visa, CCA, medical, AQTV Card)
problems: [email protected]

 Training documentation: [email protected]
Computer-based training (CBT) Support: [email protected]
Recurrent Training planning: [email protected]
Vistair Access:
Vistair UserNet login: airline code: NAX
Vistair UserNet Web support (including iPad apps):
problems: [email protected]

Norwegian IT Support: [email protected] or call +47-21-49-31-00
Safety related inquires: [email protected]
Safety Net related inquires: [email protected]
ID ticket policy inquires [email protected]
Positive feedback regarding colleagues: [email protected]
Day Off and Vacation requests are performed through CrewLink Flight/Layover/Buddy bid requests: [email protected]
Line Checks and Line Training on Roster: [email protected]
Base transfer requests:[email protected]
Registration for extra work on DO: [email protected] or PowerApps
Inflight Services Catering inquires: [email protected]
Cleaning inquires: [email protected]
Uniform requests: [email protected]
Roster Requests after roster release (at least 72 hrs before assignment): [email protected]
 IOCC (less than 72 hours before assignment starts) [email protected] or call +47-67-59-30-72 (sick leave cannot be reported via email)
Crew Hotel and Transportation information: or CrewConnex App
Crew management support (Hotel, pick-up & deadheads): [email protected]